2013. szeptember 8., vasárnap

summer is gone

Hi everyone ヾ(^∇^)

I wasn't writing for a long time again, but I just didn't had the feel to write.. anything.
School started, everything went wrong. I mean... nope not everything went wrong it's just I miss summer and the lot free time I used to have.
This summer wasn't actually like I was planning it before it started, but it was fine tho.

I was in Balaton twice, once with mom and my best friend Csenge, then with my boyfriend and his friends. There are some pictures:

I was in Balatonlelle with mom & Csenge, I enjoyed it a lot \(^ ^)/

and was in Balatonvilágos with boyfriend:

Went to a grill party to Zinga's with Zsófi (looking trough the pictures it seems like I had my blue shirt on mostly when we took photos with anyone LOL):

and pictures from party-before's:

And in august I had the chance to meet Chibi, finally 
I missed her a lot, so it was really nice to see her again :)

and then here we are...
Tomorrow I'm going to my first class in R3D One, I'm really nervous about it, since it will be a brand new dance school again. With new crew and crew mates... but I'm not going for make friends but to dance, so it's okay if they won't like me :D but let's be positive, I hope I can make friends with my dance crew mates soon :)

and I finally decided, I want to be more b-gal-ish! :D I'm very into b-gal so I'm planning to get some hiphop-like clothes even I won't tan myself 'cause my skin is too intensive and I can't tan myself I want to make a good b-gal! :3 But I'm still into onee-gal too >3<

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