2014. január 2., csütörtök

first post in 2014 about 2013

Hello everyone! :)
How was your New Year's Eve? Hope it was really good for everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAREST READERS! \(^▽^*) 
At first, I want to apologize because I haven't write anything... useful (?) in my blog for a long time. I don't know, I was just too lazy or too busy. So let me write now! ⊂((・▽・))⊃
This year I'm trying to write my blog more recently, I swear! But not sure if I will be able to success ... ehehe (ノ´д`) Anyway, I'm trying!
Let's fly through my year 2013 from summer to winter, because that's the period I didn't write anything

This picture might be the most gyaru picture of me so far, I finally found it out what kind of make up I feel the closest to me, and this make up was it.
Here are some other pictures from fall/winter (click on it to see the full pic)

I've spent my New Year's Eve at boyfriend's place, we did a little home party with his friends there. It was the best choice I could choose, I enjoyed their entertainment a lot

My look was this, I'm not too satisfied with the make up, I was lazy to do a full one, but wanted to look gal-ish.

And this december, I had my first dance show as a dancer in R1 my current dance school with The Family Crew! ♥

Check our show here:

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