2013. július 3., szerda

left behind everything

This summer isn't as great as I thought it will be (yet).I'm glad it's already summer but I still have worries instead of enjoying the freedom.
Maybe I'm a mazochist since everytime I should be happy I always make myself fear of something.
Things I've done since the last time I wrote a blogpost:
  • quit my hostess job
  • got my dance crew fall to pieces
  • passed my intermediate english language exam
  • started to work out in gym with boyfriend
I'm not missing the hostess team at all, but the dance. I didn't dance for 2 months now. I swear sometimes I feel like dying. I'm not the best so far or something but... Dance makes me feel alive. Like seriously. Okay these words are awfully mainstream but what could I do... I really feel like this.So now, I'm thinking about 2 dance schools, where to start in september.

Yesterday I found myself talking with an ex-crew mate of mine from my previous crew SW, he told me some tips they were helpful. Even sent me a link of an OKJ work where I can learn to be dance trainer. Some hope lights for me.

Anyways, let's talk about positive things too! :) I don't like to being negative even most of the time I am -w-"

13th of june we went to celebrate Clau's birthday, and to drink because the school ended. We took some photos but not too many. And all of the pictures are... well... drunk. 

15th of june we went to party to Nippon Groove. It ... was... awful. okay?
Since my best friend was feeling sick from the amount the alcohol I had to be with her all night so I couldn't enjoy the party at all. Even got to fight with my boyfriend which was terrible.

The way to home was even worse. Not to mention everyone was so fucked up.

Next week's sunday we went to Nata's place to a BBQ party! :D it was awesome and yummy, everyone was so full of food.

I don't even know how we managed to move.
Otherwise I mostly hang out with my best friend Csenge or with my cuties Nata, Zsófi and Dorka, or with my boyfriend and his friends. I really move apart from the rest of my friends. I don't know why I just did.

Last week we went to buy a bikini for Dorka. After we bought a bikini for her she's so damn sexy in it we went to Bubu to pick up Nata, we went in to chat and eat/drink bubble tea.

Thursday, Zsófi invited me to go with her to a music video shooting, so it was the program for thursday. It was awesome as fuckkkk!

Everyone was so cool and nice! I'm glad I got to know these people. In the street after we finish and headed to Lionels place to after party, it was so different. I didn't even felt like I'm in Hungary. It felt like so Brooklyn! It was seriously a perfect feeling.

Yesterday we went to Márk, my boyfriend's best friend to a grill party. Csenge came too <3 and I got to know Andris, a friend of bf's. The food was delicious. Again, dayummm

And for the last, some current photos of my recent look and make up.

Sorry for the shitty phone quality, and thanks for reading! <3

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  1. I am totally supporting you in that dance trainer thingy, cause when I get home (unfortunately I'll have to go back to Hungary for university) I want to learn some new style of dance, and I have no place to go to. I don't think any trainer would appreciate a injured ex-dancer...
    I swear I am gonna be your freakin #1 student, and learn some proper style from you, cause that wouldn't kill me. :DD

    bocs az angolért, vizsgára készülök. x) btw, gratula a tiédhez :))

    1. köszönöm, remélem a te vizsgád is jól sikerült <3
      btw I will! :D I have my no.1 student from now on :D it makes me feel worth it absolutely :D