2013. május 9., csütörtök

it's almost summer


Since I'm at home, 'cause I catch cold I decided to write a new post :3

Last Friday we went to party with Zsófi, Bati, Boo and Márk to Nippon Groove :D It was kinda good because we enjoyed each other hahaha
my look was like this I messed up my make up because of the glue ugh ;O; :

We met in Deák square at 21:30 then went to buy some drink, then go to the place. 
There are some pictures I shouldn't undertake but I do because of my friends, hehe 

danced off my hair >___<"

I should stop with spinach, my arms are too fat D': ugh I hate spinach atually xD and ... awkward pose 'cause boyfriend suddenly hugged me from behind but... NEVERMIND! :D

and I wanna show some other picture >3<

It was a photoshoot for a motor shop

I got to know other girls from the team too, everyone is incredibly cute o_o I mean... I thought they gon' be a big bunch of bitches but no! Okay they have these typical 'popular girl' things but they're really nice and friendly, I could talk with them very easily. I'm still very surprised and happy about this :) and the staff in the motor shop was also very funny, they made us laugh so hard we couldn't even stop the loud laughter sometimes. and we got pizza. FOOD *Q*

and this is my current dance crew :3

well. not that easy as I thought for first :D but still a better crew than my previous crew was :'D

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  1. Hey thanks ♥ I love teaching hehe and I get along with the kids really well. You look amazing on these pictures! ♥

    1. maybe you should teach me some german too! :D thank you so much ♥

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    A blogomon mindent megtalálsz, amire szükséged lehet [http://colorful-hypnosis.blogspot.hu/2013/06/blog-award.html]. :)

    1. szia:) köszönöm szépen, és nem egyáltalán nem probléma, utána nézek köszi :3

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