2013. május 5., vasárnap

trip to France ♥

Shame on me again I forgot to write a blog post about our trip to France... =_="
Even though I was very dramatic and exhausted sometimes okay, more often than I was being calm. sorry Csenge ^^; it was still worth it ♥ every annoying minute of it was worth it 
We went to Strasbourg at the very first day. The way was kinda long with a bus, I was very tired when we arrived to Strasbourg. Not to mention, everything was completely different than Hungary.

Next day we went to Versailles, before we headed to Paris to our hotel. that was my look that day ^_^ 

Versailles was a little bit too arty for me, but it was still amazing... and huge. It's definetly huge. I was more interested in the garden but we don't had the time to see it :(( so I was a little bit disappointed. I only saw it from the castle ;~;
When we got to the hotel we were so damn tired again. But this time our room was big and the bed was comfortable, not like the rooms in Strasbourg. After we got to the hotel we decided to go out to eat something because we were sooo hungry. We choose Courtepaille.

The food was delicious, I just need to think about it and I get really hungry hahaha
In the 3rd day we went to see the Notre Dame.

and walked around the Notre Dame.

4th day: Louvre

The time wasn't enough to anything... so my goal was to see the Mona Lisa.

In the 5th day we went to see the Eiffel tower! 
♥ The weather was very cold, I was freezing my ass off, but worth it tho!

then went to the red light disctrict :D

In the last day we went back to Strasbourg. And now lemme show some other picture, because I took a lot photo as expected:D

If I'll have a chance, I wanna go back, with my best friend again ♥ 

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  1. Heyy :) Aw I love France! The pictures are really nice. I've been to Paris 2 times and I am amazed every time I go. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to see Versailles yet because when I was there with my French friend, she suggested going on a trip to Disney Land Paris instead :D I loved it ♥

    1. hi♥ I liked it a lot too! *^* It was my first time to get to Paris, but I hope I'll get another chance to go there again!! ♥ aw I'm the opposite, I didn't get the chance to go to the Disney Land:(