2013. január 6., vasárnap

late Happy New Year post

Hi! :D

Happy New Year for everyone! I know I'm late, but I had no time for blogging :( does anyone have a new year pledge? If yes tell me what it is, I'm curious!

My New Year party was great. We produced it with my classmates in Pali grandma's house, I'm glad she gave it to us, thankies for the super grandma! :D

We arrived about 7 o'clock, 8 o'clock Bálint soccer boy, he's in the same soccer team as Pali was already... drunk. I dunno what word use for it, because he don't even know where he is, or what he is or anything... :D I'm not going to post a picture from him because it wasn't a nice view from him, of course he became ill... but after 6 hours he was already okay, drunk again and I can't tell in words how funny he was... We laughed a lot on him. We danced a lot :3

and don't to forget to mention, before New Year, thursday I went to Ananász & Krisz's workshop, it was great! It was the first workshop in my life I enjoyed:) Krisz came from Germany to us again <3

I felt a little awkward because look, they are my ex-dance company's leaders especially Ananász but it was way better when I were in SleepWalkers. Now, I don't needed to prove myself to them, I just enjoyed it. And they said I'm improved, even they dunno I'm in a new crew... eheheh^^; nevermind.. so it was really fun!

After the workshop we had lunch together! :DD 

then I went to shopping with Fanni <3

the last days of 2012 were absolutely good :) I'm glad I could end the year this well

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