2012. december 8., szombat

I'm still alive


I didn't write blog for a while.. sorry ^^; so how are you? I hope well :)

I got a new phone  as an early birthday-christmas present. I miss my Blackberry a lot ;A; I'm addicted to Blackberries but I like my new Samsung too, there's everything for this phone, that's why I choose this one not a Blackberry :(( even I really wanted to

So I'm actually addicted to instagram too... :D do you guys have instagram? mine is @rukira1219 feel free to follow me hahah :3

Nowadays my life is more calm like it was before, I'm improving in dance and I think I've already improved and speding as much time with boyfriend as I can. I don't think I ever mentioned but yeah I have a boyfriend for 2 months now yaaay :D I swear he's a real gentleman

So yesterday I met Natsu & Boo bf and we went to Binh's and Poom's place, just to hang out, because it's too cold outside. Binh and Poom are change students from Los Angeles, Binh is vietnamese Poom is from Thailand but they live and go to university in LA It was really fun :D Binh and Natsu always fight like childs but at the same time they are like lovers too :DDD

Last week's Saturday I went to party with Chiyo and Natsu <3 but in the end I went together with Natsu, Boo, Binh and Poom xD Chiyo met with Blanka and she went to the club earlier than us.

I think I can tell I'm kinda happy now of course not everytime but in general I am. Boyfriend gives me a lot of positive energy and happniess and I'm not angry or sad most of the time because of dance or my old dance crew... :)

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