2012. október 21., vasárnap

inspi' post


This week I'm not really done anything at all.. LOL I'm sick tho... and feeling terrible for 3 days now. Everything important I've did this week was meet with my boyfriend haha... 

since I'm kinda bored I decided to make a post about the people who inspires me the most nowadays :D

CYBERJAPAN dancers of course <3

Aina Tanaka my everytime idol <3

I'm thinking a lot about to do ombre hair because I shouldn't dye my roots but I don't think I'll ever do it, but I do like it a lot

okay I seriously have a girl crush in Lydia Paek and Aye Hasegawa they're just so asdfghjkl I wanna dance like them... seriously

Alyona Shishkova, she's THE ideal I wanna look like... she's a russian model and I'll be never pretty like her

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  1. I think you could do that hair. I am sure there is a brand which has dark colors that doesn't damage the roots.

    1. I got another kind of hair today. I wasn't enough brave to do ombre hair, I don't think brown hair would suit me enough well :D and I like my blonde a lot