2012. október 14., vasárnap

I quit my dance crew (also my dance company)


Yesterday I had my last dance competition with this dance crew. We won first place, and I quit. I left my crew for so many reasons, like it wasn't enough - I didn't improved anything for a half year now... or at least I feel this, and it was so strong. It was a really hard decision but I needed to do it, since I'm young I want to work as a dancer or be a dance choreographer or theacher so... I need to improve. I quit together with Dóri. Well If I say I'm completely happy with this status now, I would lie. I'm not happy, I'm very sad and maybe angry too because I get a lot hate now from my ex-dance trainer. Just because I quit. I know I was in the performer crew but I couldn't stand any longer these arguements what he made a lot of time. And most of the time it was my fault, or I got the insult from him, it was just too much for me. I can't stand people who disrespect me. Now I have to apologize to a lot of people or I should... But I don't want. This is my choice. Our choice with Dóri. and my english is still sucks. but who cares. Well we will continue it together, in a new but not that new group.

My ex-dance trainer is really angry at me now, he said I'm a liar and things like this even I told him everything why I leave him. He just can't understand me, but it's okay I'm not mad at him because the things he said to me, and he have his time to be mad at me.

Next week I'm going to hairdresser with my best friend, Csenge, I'll change things in my hair like I've done in my life :)

I want to and I had thank you everything you gave me and everything you didn't. It was a long period of my life 3 years but now it's the end. I hope in the future when we meet, we can be friends, or at least don't hate each other.

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  1. It's sad your ex-dance trainer is being mean. You quit for personal reasons (and really good ones!) so he should be more understanding and reflect on all of the good times. But good for you on taking the initiative to move forward in your life ♥ We're always here for you!

    1. Yeah it was hurting me a lot... but now I don't care anymore :) I give what I get, expect I don't hate on him like he does on me. I hoped him to be more understanding too, even I knew it'll be hard... Thank you so much, it means a lot ♥