2012. szeptember 22., szombat

My third Music Video Shooting :)


Today we've done a music video. This music video will be for my dance trainer's song, will be fun :DDD and actually the first music video I was in just came out! I'm so happy, and it brings a lot of memories just to watch it. And my hero is in it <3 she's so pretty <3 the maincaracter girl with black hair and love the way they did our dance part even it's too dark. So at first let me show the music video! :D tell me how you like it, and feel free to share it, it would be nice :D

In the morning I had the feel that I want to wear lower lashes too. So I put them on :D

I took some photos today when I was bored, or others had their shooting time :D

so the time when Dóri done her make up xDDD love her a lot <3

and took some photos with Cynthi too :)

cameraman in work! haha

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