2012. szeptember 20., csütörtök



Well now, I want to write about CYBERJAPAN dancers, they are so big inspiration for me. Seriously. Even they are doing pole dance and I'm a hiphop dancer. They are thin, pretty and talented everything I'm not 

Just look at them. They are gorgeous. I wanna look like them, really T___T" and even their abilites for pole dance is just great. okay I know they don't do impossible things but it's still awesome When I turn 18 I wanna go to learn pole dance tho. I know it may sound slutty, but it's not! Real pole dance are not about what bar dancers do, real pole dance not about just swaying your body around a pole and get undressed, that's a really hard and more sexy kind of dance!

My favourite dancers from CYBERJAPAN are Kazue & Kanae Watanabe Watanabe twins Rino, Hiroko and Raika. They are the most inspirating girls for me from the group. And the well known Shizuka Takeda was, when se was in CYBERJAPAN. Because she was a dancer in this group too did you know that? :D 

Nowadays I'm really into b-gal and natural make ups. but I do love non-natural make ups too of course But I can't tan my skin because I had skincancer before, and it was because the solarium. My skin is too sensitive for this. So I think I can't go for that style... LOL but still love and adore it.

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