2012. szeptember 7., péntek

RadioDrive Start Party & O(ffline)S(port)G(ames) 13


I look like this nowadays by the way. I prefer natural make ups as you can see :D

In the 31th of august we had a performance in Cha-Cha-Cha Club Margitsziget for a new radio station: RadioDrive, that was their 'Start Party'. One of our "dance teacher's in our company if I can call her a "teacher" since she's... ok I'm not saying anything shit about her, she's just... no. going to work for this radio station and in 31th of august I got to know, that Uzu who is one of my friends are working here too! Good luck for her! 

The performance went pretty well I guess, I've done no mistakes though.. :)

after that we accompanied Luppi she's one of Cynthi's friends to her house to get her mobile charger, we waited pretty nice one hour for her in McDonalds... LOL

next day, in the first day of september we had a performance in the 13rd OSG (Offline Sport Games) what is a big honor for us since a lot of people were there :D

I can't really story about it, because this kind of events are not really my world and I don't really enjoyed it at all...

show time!

together with our big boss, Ananász! :D

watch the video from our performance, comments are always welcomed! 

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  1. Oh! You have such long and skinny legs!! Major jealous~! I like your natural makeup~ and your nose contour is really nice! :D