2012. szeptember 6., csütörtök

last month of summer: August


I didn't write for so long did I? ^^; everyone knows I didn't LOL
Since I only had 5 classes today I feel the need to blog about my last month of summer because I haven't done it before.

Most of the free time of mine in august I met with my best friend, Csenge and practiced with Dóri or with my dance crew. August gone so fast isn't it?

ranbow muffins! :D

In the 20th of august I met with a very precious friend Kago, who live a bit far from me, so it was our first meet even we know each other for 2 or 3 years now... She came with her older sister who is so nice, I'm happy I got to know her too:) 

Bubble Tea! ♥

 Night we went to the firework with friends and friends of friends... too much people were too much next year I will go only with my friends not with my friends their friends friends of their friends... tooooo much people. seriously.

In my last days before the summer ended I met with Timi who was my help teacher in mathematics ans she's going to live in Germany today. I already miss her.

hmmm I think those are the most exciting parts of my august... :)

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