2013. január 12., szombat

first SWAGエポヨ meet ☆


Last week saturday, we had our first SWAGエポヨ meet! hooraaay

Sziszi is still absent, so she couldn't came ;___; get well soon Sziszi! 

Natsu was late, as usual :D when she arrived too, we went to eat something because we both were hungry. Nico brought her boyfriend too! They are sooo cute, I'm happy I got to know them. It was our first time to meet Nico since she's not live in Budapest as we do so she can't meet with us that much, but I'm very glad she could came now.

We were hanging hours in the McDonalds since we couldn't decide what to do or where to go...

Then we just left, and took some group pictures! \^o^/

They turned out better than I expected actually :D

I took photos like an obsessed asian tourists... LOL about almost everything

Then we decided to go drink. hahahahah 
Chiyo said we will end up drinking... and damn, she was right.

Then surprisingly, a friend Liu with his friend Hua Xia came, and joined us :DDD

And they buy a lot of beer and some tequila, omg ... it was fun actually :D

Yesterday we went to my boyfriend's friend Minh to her housewarming. We ate a lot, vietnamese food is so yummy! The vietnamese girls are... so damn adorable Q^Q I mean they are so cute and short omg I was so tall and big near them D: 

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