2013. január 20., vasárnap

can't nobody hold me down!

Hello there~

How have you been? I'm doing fine now. For a while I wasn't really feeling good... I was stressed too much and still having problems with sleeping. I failed geography... hurray for me =__= but until now mom said she won't let me dance if I fail... but now it turned out that I can continue dancing and got another punishment... I'm so glad about it T___T

My new lenses arrived too <3 they're Geo Princess Mimi/Bambi Sesame Grey, and I'm in love with them, just like I'm in love with my brown one too. The color is absolutely 10 out of 10 the design too as expected for first it's not really comfortable to my eyes since they are really small and the lenses are big but after my eyes got used to the size of the lenses they were comfy.

Yesterday I went to ice skating with Fanni, Csenge and Barbi, it was sooo damn awesome <3 I haven't been ice skating for years, it felt so good to do it again. I was afraid I can't do it anymore and I forgot how to ice skating but I didn't!! haha

.. and I just got myself back finally. I don't want to and I won't write about how was I before, but let's say nothing was okay with me and I've done some stupid things even I knew I shouldn't. nevermind... :) so now my hiphop dance trainer back, and I feel so comfortable dancing hiphop again, I feel myself becoming more comfortable with the quick tempo of my dance trainer. still extra relieved that I can continue dancing... huh

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  1. The lenses look so wonderful on you. Well it's good you can still keep dancing and are getting more comfortable with a quicker tempo. Hip-hop is so difficult for me to do because I get all messed up even after lots of practice, but I guess I just need to practice practice practice huh? I'm glad you're doing okay :D

    1. awww thank you TTwTT yes, I'm really relieved too... I was frightened what will happen to me if I can't dance... I felt so lost. Yes, everything is in the hard work and practicing!! :D

  2. Hey sweety :) I believe we met at the daily gyaru hehe ~ thanks for following ♪ I followed you as well, I just hope I did it correctly because I don't speak Hungarian XD
    Btw I have been to a Hungarian restaurant 3 times in the last two weeks *-* I love the food.
    ♥ Keki

    1. Hey dear! <3 yes u did hahaha:D wooow really?! what did u eat? what is your fav hungarian food? :3