2013. március 10., vasárnap

about my weight problems

I never wanted to tell about this, especially not in my blog because I may look weak, but I just need to get this shit out, sorry.

So... I just hate my body. I'm too fat. Like seriously. My stomach is too big my hips are too fat my legs not enough thin so do my arms and my face... and if we don't talk about my body I couldn't even born with pretty face FML

Most of my friends are... short and skinny. And here I am, tall and fatty. I'm disgusted by myself. So I decided to eat less again. Again. And I can't believe it will work and I will success. Because it never did nevermind how much and how long time periods I tried. So I guess I should accept that I'm ugly and fat. But I can't I don't want to be these things... I just don't know what to do. But tomorrow I'll start this shit again, I won't eat too much so I don't get fatter and hoping to be able to lose weight.

I actually want to lose 6kg. If I could, I'd have my dream weight.

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  1. Hey sweetie~

    I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your body at the moment. I'm not sure how to give you some good advice but I try ^-^
    So.. basically I thought this way too. I thought 'If only I could lose those 6 kilograms!' especially after I came back from England in 2009 I had some huge issues because I gained more than 8 kg there. Losing it took me ages (more than a year) and trust me, it sounds so lame but actually the magic of losing weight is healthy eating and exercise. --->Everyone probably rolls their eyes now ^-^'

    But at the moment I am actually putting on weight and here is why ;D Diets or eating less than you should/want never work longterm so if you really want to have smaller hips or a tummy that's more flat then try turning fat into muscles!
    Exercise, exercise, exersice :3 and a healthy way of eating of course. Less takeaway food, more homecooking :) Soups, vegetables and protein in the evening etc.~
    The number on the scale won't change or even go up but you will lose fat and therefore get slimmer ♥

    The most important thing is that you love yourself...don't think 'I am ugly and I want to be pretty' think: 'I am pretty and I want to be beautiful!" :D I hope that makes sense :)

    If there is anything I can help you with let me know >.< ♥ Please don't say you hate your body because we all know you are a cute gal :)

    1. thank you ;___; <3 I'd like to go run, because it'd format my body well, but I actually can't breath properly... and because of dance costs I can't afford to go to gym... It seems I using excuses now... LOL
      I want to try eat less, because I eat way toooooo much (my eating habit is not really like a girl's but like a whale's ... ehehe ^^") and eat more healthy things. And hope dance will help ... even I know it won't because it never did xD

      thank you for you consolation, u kinda cheered me up thank you a lot, I'm very thankful for you! <3

    2. Hey you're welcome ♥ sorry for late back-comment ♥ No I don't think you're using excuses at all, but try checking kpop dance workouts (there are some good ones!) because they should burn some calories hehe. And there is this girl (blogilates) on youtube who does awesome health/sport videos.

      aww ♥
      I hope you feel better soon :)

  2. hülye vagy, így nem lehet fogyni.

  3. Anno vékony koromban nekem az segített, hogy sokat ettem reggelire és így képes voltam az egész napot túlélni kaja nélkül, de nem koplaltam.
    Táncon kívüli sportot azért nem ajánlanám, mert az volt ami nekem tönkretette az alakom. Robosztus combok, de legalábbis izmosak, nem hájasak, zseniális eredmény. Benned is van orosz, úgyhogy lehet, hogy az ekszüszájzing rád is így rosszul hatna. Tánc szerintem épp elég.

    1. kipróbálom! o3o
      á más sportot nem is akarok, elég a havidíjat fizetni meg a többi utazáshoz kellő dolgok stbstb. :D max. maradok husigolyó xD