2012. január 15., vasárnap

☆ in love ☆

Okay... I just found pictures from Kate Riho again. 

I can't tell how much I wanna be look like her. She's one of my biggest gyaru crushes. Not really an inspiration but also an inspiration too but much more a crush.

If I could... I would like to look like her. She's cool but feminine and cute in one way.

I don't know why she's not famous as Kanako or Yumachi & Aina... She could be I think because her style is unique and individual, in my opinion...

I'm already sick. So I couldn't go to a performance... and a special practice. *sigh*

But I finally can relax ... finally.

I didn't slept too much in the last few weeks... because dance causes too much stress in my life. My bad.

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