2012. január 19., csütörtök

☆ hair colors ☆


I'm still home and sick. Ehh...... == it's a little bit... boring.

But I can rest a lot in this way. No school no dance trainings last and this week cause my sickness. but saturday i'll start my life again, and go to dance training... LOL life always going on no more time for hard fangirling it's good, cause fangirling makes me sad a lot... :'o cause i know it will never happen with me, and with bias... heh 

Actually... I don't know why but I wanna tell you guys a thing what I decided to do maybe in... august?

So I promised for myself I only will dye my hair to a new color if something huge or special happens in my life. My first this kind of hair dying was the red line in my hair... hehe

It was because I had fallen in love. And that was the first not one-sided love in my life. kkk

... and it was a short relationship too. *sigh* not my fault guyz... not my fault.
but it's okay.

then... my hair was that.... weird brown... ehh :'D actually it was accidental... but it's okay cause i got my blonde back.. and there's a reason for that too.

so the reason for that color is... I forgot her, and we are just friends. At all.

Then my new blonde hair color. wahhahahaaa my beloved extra light ash blonde <3

so that's because I promised myself I wanna make something with dance in my life once... yes it's a big dream what never will happen actually... but i love to dream. and I decided, I don't want to be a what a perfect hi here i am gaijin gyaru.

Yes I love gyaru as a style. I love to do it. But I'll be never that perfect as the real japanese gals, so.. I just wanna be myself. Yes I will use gyaru in my style... and maybe I'll be gyaru hah big words are big but at first.. I wanna be myself and i don't want to be anything what others want from me. in style, in attitude... anything. so that's why i'm blonde again :) and because i felt awfully with brown.. :'D 

I don't know why... but I wanted to tell that. Ignore my english .... that's not my native language. ;)

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