2012. január 10., kedd

☆ got my blonde back ☆


I'm blonde again yay~ ☆

I went to hairdresser to made my hair back to blonde. My currently blonde is much more ligther than it was before. I really like it

I'm really busy and tired... with school and this much dance trainings, but I need to do it. No chance.

sorry for my bad make up and tired face, but I really don't have any power...

So, last saturday I went to hairdresser then I ran to my dance trainer's workshop... Le group picture.

Next day I had dance experiment with my special SDB2 team. It was tiring and I got paired with that member who I don't like... fuck yeah, this is my luck. 

Actually.. I hate when people touch me. exception my friends and people I like  especially my back. AND HE ALWAYS TOUCH MY BACK................ ARGH. I tell him I'll break his arms if he touch my back again... *sigh* Yes I'm really tired and irritable. I just really wanna end this. Just quit and run away. Go away so faaar far away. But I can't. But not so many people understand my feelings...

Yesterday we took some pictures with my classmates ♥ There are lots of awkward and weird pictures. :') forget me my non-gyaru make up please.  but there are lot of cute pictures, so I wanna show you some. :)

taking a photo ☆

guuuuys  this is my fav pic. i think this pic is cute :3

with Csibi  

umm... yeah. Yes. Everything is allright. :D

everybody :) Ancsi, Vitya, Csenge, Csibi, Edu and me haha

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