2011. november 6., vasárnap

☆ thursday and friday w/ my beloved Lilla ☆

안녕~ !

haha sorry, I readed too much tweet from MBLAQ and Super Junior members xDD Congrats for Super Junior it's their 6th year!!!~~~ 축하 해요~~~

How are you dears? :3 

Thursday one of my best friends Lilla, slept at me ^o^v

We had a lot of storys to tell, because we don't saw each other long time ago ;__; shame on us >__< we were both busy TT

 My soul is a little easier than before ^^

We took some random pictures hahaha

She really knows Who I Am. >3<

And accept me with my bad things <333


At night we watched "Attack on the Pin Up Boys" that's movie is funny all the time :DDD

Around 2AM we talked about or biases etc. xDDD

that was fun, thank you sweeetheart <3

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