2011. november 3., csütörtök

☆ yesterday met with Noni ☆

Hello readers~ 

How are u? :3

Yesterday I met w/ Noni :3 I haven't seen her before Miyavi's 2nd concert in Hungary! It was so long time~

Before I went to meet w/ her, I took some photos :)

☆ My new hair ☆

w/ my one and only Nao <333 btw his face is sooo cute!~ <3

with Noni :3

We meet at the Boráros tér, and went to the McDonalds, to take only photos together xDDD

We took lot of photos, but they are better from Noni than me xDDD

Then, we went to the WestEnd City Center, have some food~ and talked a lot, and about lot of things, it was good <3 

after that we went to walk to the Váci street~

We went back to the Boráros tér, and we swinged :DDDD

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