2011. november 20., vasárnap

☆ Sleepwalkers performance in Snow Show at Hungexpo ☆

Hi people~

Yesterday I had a performance in Hungexpo again~ I think I'll have video from the performances, but now I only have mine in facebook It was quite fun!~

I enjoyed it a lot.
Csenge my bff came to see us ☆ Thanks for came honey <3

and here was Rico too, an other dance trainer from Sleepwalkers :) he's so crazy. :'D
yesterday's quote was:

Every hiphop dancer is crazy.

and yes, it's freaking real xDDD

at first, we practised our dance before the first performance.

can u find me? :D 

It's kinda easy I think :D

When we danced our first performance, we went to the second stage, to perform again~

waiting, with Cinti and the newbies. U can call me unfriendly, but these girls are really... ugh. *sigh* I don't like them since the first time... They annoy me, and they are so unfriendly with us, the older team. Yes, it's two team in one, the newbies and us~ I don't like this...

second stage practice

Then we performanced again... then went back to our 3rd stage it's the same with the first We took photos, and just chillin' talking and waiting for our time to performance again.

Here are some pictures:

w/ my beloved Csenge :3 ulzzang vs. gyaru gaijin version :')

waiting everybody before the second stage

herp derps :'D

lovely-dovely-cuties :'))) okay, it's a kinda cute picture from us <3

 yeah, hiphop dancers are really crazy. All of them. I love to be one of them <3

THEN... there was a BOMB ALERT.

Everybody needed to go to out from the Hungexpo...

We waited 2 hours outside in the cold ;w;

Then we started to go to the Hungexpo hotel, cause in the radio a lady tell us there was free coffee for everyone cause this accident... but when we arrived to the expo hotel... The sellers can go back to their places :'D but only to the G pavilon... There was the wine and special foods event... so not our Snow Show =_=

we just sitting in the G pavilon, and András Gé Sajtos és Rico bring us some wine then... So we drinked wine, and laughed in the craziest story's ever... and at the last we don't needed to performance third time... but it's okay, we have a good time together :DDD

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