2011. november 30., szerda

☆ inspirations and I go to Serbia ☆

Maybe It was in summer when I posted about my inspirations... I think my inspirations changed a lot 'til now so I want to make a list of them again ☆

When I started gyaru I only searched for inspirations whom gyaru too. And only for japanese gals.
But now my mind changed a lot, so I want to show my current inspirations. >3<

the first CL from 2NE1

I'm the baddest female Seoul City ever had.
Her style is just perfect 'kay? 
Her style her moves her swag and everything. I look up at her so much.
some of my friends said I'm look like CL in some things, that's make me fucking proud >3<

the second Raina Ogami av gyaru

Especially I love her make up style a lot, she can be sexy and cute in the same way! 
Such a herpderp <3 

the third Akahori Haruka a.k.a Akaharu 

I love her style, and she's the prettiest version of Tsubasa Masuwaka for me. sorry I don't like Tsubasa's look... she did too much plastic surgery in my opinion.

the fourth Park Bom from 2NE1

I know she had plastic surgery as Tsubasa but she's perfect in this way.  SWAGGER.

the fifth is Takeda Shizuka

just perfect. in everything. 

the sixth is Ozaki Sayoko 

In my opinion Sayoko looks like a foreigner sometimes, and she's not really the "cute gal" type. She's SEXY. deal with it. 

the seventh is Akane Satomi

Okay, I really love nuts. nuts is my fave magazine and nuts models are my fave gal models so >3< So she can't be not here too. <3 

the eighth Jihyun from Black Queen korean dance group 

She's the reason why I'm blonde. she was blonde when I strarted to know Black Queen and because I hated brown xD She's one of my dancer inspirations too. <3 

the nineth Jelly Anna

She's my biggest gaijin gal inspiration. I adore her and her style. <3 

so that's all now~

last Saturday I met Bubu, and she came to see our prolusion to the Serbian dance competition >3< I'm so nervous, I really wanna win... That's the first time when I wanna win a competition... so bad ;w;

this was my make up:

and I curled my hair a little bit :3

I like straight hair much better >_<

Saturday I'll go to Serbia.. I REALLY WANNA WIN. TwT pray for me~ hahaha

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