2012. július 31., kedd

vacation on the lake Balaton


I got home two days ago from Balaton, where I went to a resting vacation with my mom and Clau 

First day we didn't do too many things, just took a walk to see how Balatonszemes looks. After that we were hungry so decided to search for food haha

Clau and I ate gyros, mom ate lángos, It was so yummy I freaking love gyros. Maybe I'm addicted to it now like chinese fast food LOL

the second day we went to the free beach, even I don't like to go to the beach... I was bored a lot.

since it was a resting vacation there wasn't too much program in a day and I was extra bored so many times... ehhh 

second day's dinner:

it was yummy too! but I liked the gyros the most hahaha

while we was eating and using the restaurant's free wifi LOL there it come a HUGE thunderstorm. It was scary since I'm scared from thunderstorms... but when the thunderstorm come to a silent we went back to our place.

and I can't actually remember to everything since the day we spent there are so glued to each other... eh ^^; so lemme take some other pictures from idk days


too much contour is too much in the pictures, but now you can see it clearly :D

last day we went to pleasure-boat, it was fun! the captains of the boat invited me and Clau to their cabin to see how they work, they were kind haha

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