2012. július 18., szerda

Sugar Shop & chilling with Natsu ♥

Today I met with Natsu who just came home from Japan, welcome home honey 

We went to Sugar Shop, because that's so sweet. hahaha When we were in the Sugar Shop we talked a lot, and I asked Natsu a lot how Japan was, even we talk when she was there too. LOL I ate a cake with belgian chocolate it was soooooo yummy! Natsu ate rice milk.


After Sugar Shop we went to Deák Tér to chill and eat our foods what we got in the way there. I ate gyros.  I'm really addicted to gyros these days ahahah

my face looks extra-puffy here, I don't know why TT

Natsu asked me to teach her parapara so I teached her one I know and then a photographer came and he asked us if he can take some photos when we dance, we said yes of course. :D

there are the photos he took of us:

ok I love Natsu's d.i.a. outfit :DDD and it looks great on her

and I can't tell how much thankful I am, Natsu brought me my favourite kind diamond lash from Japan T___________T thank you pony twin guuuuurrllll 

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  1. Aaah, I wish I could dance Parapara too! I love it ;_;
    she's lucky to have a dancer friend, hehe :)

    1. hahaha I'm lucky too because I have a friend who teached me this parapara choreo, I'm not really good at learning choreos from videos actually ;_; but you're so kind, thank you ♥ hehe

  2. omg guys you are too cute for words *w* I wish I could be as pretty as you two :3
    (and you tottaly have to teach me this dance !! )

    1. Kiiiiiiiinga <333 you are pretty don't kidding with me xDDD
      (and I'll teach you this dance if you want me to haha)