2012. július 11., szerda

nails + new look + 100th post


I just got home from SleepWalkers Dance Camp what was crazy, and too hard, but enjoyed it a lot. and I'll write another entry to tell about the camp, but it's not that entry 

Since I forgot to show my nails I got in june I want to show it now, and I want to show the new one too. My new nails are extra fresh I just got home from my nail artist :)

so this one is the first one. I got inspired by this picture:

I really love the animal print so I wanted to get a nail something like this, and I did :)

Then this is the new one I get today

I had no idea what kind of style I want so I let Edina my nail artist to do anything she want

and as you can see, I have new look in my blog, a huge and lot thanks for Viccu who did it for me 

and this is my 100th post! yeeey

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