2012. július 2., hétfő

Natsu-Chiyo gal day ♥


Last week thursday I met with Chiyo and Natsu before Natsu went to Japan.
I met with Chiyo and we went together to Natsu's place to watch Girls Life with english subs and to talk, since we couldn't see each other for a long time.

We had a great time together 

Nowadays I really like natural make ups in myself and I finally found my make up style, my bangs are still under growing down

Last when I saw Chiyo was new year... since we spent it together... so long time O_____O and now Natsu is in Japan, for two weeks. I'm so happy for her but envy also hahaha but more happy :D

Today I bought a new bikini! 

Simple and cute, I like it~

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