2012. április 9., hétfő

☆ Tuning Show ☆

Hi guys~ 

I haven't posted since a long time, have I? ^_________^" sorry for that, I'm extra busy these days...

I had 4 show on Tuning Show in two days woohoo! I'm so glad and happy for that! 
and proud for all of my dance mates! Congratulation guys! even it's the past 

lemme share some pictures and videos from Tuning Show! because I forgot a lot of thing that happened haha

with Kriszti and Detti I love them they are so beautiful and nice

btw there was a really awkward man I wanna story about hahaha

I was talking with Kriszti in front of the car where she was the hostess and the man wanted to take a picture so I stepped back and he was like "OMG WHY?" I told him, I'm not a hostess I'm a dancer here eheheh ^^; and then! he asked me to stand next to Kriszti and he took a picture from us. I was so surprised that he liked me that much, but it felt good :)

in my opinion or I can say: for me the performances went pretty well!

I think all of our show's was good, and I gave all of my heart into them :3

performance shoots:

and the videos:

and because it was TUNING SHOW some cars from the event! :D

bye bye~

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