2012. április 10., kedd

☆ It's Rite ☆


Last saturday I had a competition called It's Rite hosted by Animal Cannibals whom are popular hungarian artist, and so nice & funny also! 

Me and Cynthi arrived too early to the PeCsa where the competition was so we decided to go in, because it was cold in the morning outside. When we entered a security guard come and called Ricsi P, one of the Animal Cannibal members we told him we arrived early and it was cold outside and we are from SleepWalkers Dance Company and came to compete so he guided us to the backstage it's so familiar, we have been there so many times actually and gave us VIP armbands Thank you him 

Slowly everyone entered

We won 4th place from the 8 crews We could be 3rd but the 3rd crew came from Romania that's why they was before us heh 

trolling around xDDD

my dance teacher hahaha

stage rehearsal

I need to tell: I hate those sponsored clothes. even they are so expensive in original They are big, uncomfortable and... WEIRD? I would like to have more girly clothes actually. I look like a real little boy, aren't I? X'D

and don't forget to watch the performance video 

sometimes you could write some comment, it would be nice hehe

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