2012. március 1., csütörtök

☆ performance performance performance ☆


Last week's friday I had a performance at a party Raeggeton & R'n'B party in Club called Yokai8.

The place was too small... we don't had enough place to dance... == I hope next time the party will be in the RetroPolis again... because that place is much more bigger.

My look was this:

new kind of make up again :3 I don't like to do the same make up always altough I can't XDDD 

some team photos:

girls :)

Actually I have 3 dance teams now... I'm so happy for it :)

maybe this is what I can call planking level asian... X'D

i'm fucking envy to Barbi's abs... seriously xD

as I told the place was so little... and crowded with people =="

the performance :D

Saturday I had a performance with my SleepWalkers Crew :D

i love them <3

na ez a nem mindegy... :'DD


after that we went to Celebrate Sanyi's, Kis Néger's and Mariann's birthday! yay <3

Oli came with her girlfriend Betti, who is also a dance but not at our company, but she's very nice :)

the birthday people! :3

Rico with the birthday cake, he cooked it!! waaaaaaaah it was awesome <3

happy birthday guys! <3


I'm sick again ;w; I have pharyngitis, otitis and sinusitis... nice combo neh? ^^;;;

but I can rest... It seems I'm always overlocking myself, I get sick and then continue everything, get sick again and always like this...LOL unlucky me

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