2012. február 15., szerda

☆ everything ☆

Hey~ !

I didn't posted so long... did I? ^^;

I'm so busy ...

Sunday I'll go to stage rehearsal, so I'll skip my school haha lucky me Saturday will be the big day!~ STREET DANCE BATTLE 2 I'm so excited, jittery and nervous >___< I'll performance with some of my dance crew, and I will compete with my special SleepWalkers SDB2 crew. 

We worked so hard for this, I've done so many things I would never think I will or I could. I'm so happy for this. And proud for the SDB2 crew <3

So... where I should start?~ ><

Last friday I met Lilla because I haven't seen her for a long time. I missed her a lot TT

and before that Csibi I have two friends called Chibi, so I write them in a different way X'D slept at me, we cooked muffins!~ That was my first time to cook muffins :3

my second time cooked muffins~

and actually my new lenses are arrived <3

I ordered Geo Nudy Brown. and I have a Geo Angel Blue. I love them.

school make up, ignore it 

my cat, Nao <3

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