2011. október 1., szombat

☆ Everything is arrived ☆

Hi~ ♥

How are you guys? :)
I'm better :3

I ordered some lower lashes!~ 

These 're my first lower lashes, but they're comfortable and looks good i think x3

my friend helped me to ordered them, from eBay from Hong Kong it's arrived so fast!! Only the magyar posta was slow... and they don't call me for my package, so i needed to go w/o know anything ;ww; 

there 're the lashes, and got a cute letter from Viccu :))) and also she send me a lens case for my next circle lenses! thank you yay~ ♥

I hope I can order my next circle lenses quickly~~~ ! I want brown colored ones~ ! X3

and also I ordered from AVON, it's arrived fast too~

I hope they 'll works :3

see ya~ ♥

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