2011. október 5., szerda

☆ Champagne Showers ☆

Hello dears~ ! ♥

at first... I wanna be like this:

OMG. I'm in love w/ them. *___*

and my lower lashes arrived as u can read it in my previous entry so i did a make up with them~ ☆ 

☆ some pictures about my make up, and my new look ☆ 

Okay, I'm not a make up master... Next my lower lashes are 'll be better >_<

Last week's friday was our newbie ball~
But because my class is a 8 year gimnasium class, we don't need to be inaugurate~ yay \^o^/

Honestly, I didn't go to the school so much... xD

We have fun outside w/ my classmates ;D

At first we went to Ancsi to change her high heels to shoes. :3

We did some pictures :3

W/ Csenge & Ancsi X3

then, we went to the MC Donalds to meet w/ other classmates, Balázs & Bence, and to eat something~

next, we go to 'interspar' to buy champagne okay, champagne is one of my favourite alcohols ♥ kekeke

and we found a bottle w/ a fantastic print, omg i'm in love w/ that bottle ♥

haha our cutie couple Ancsi & Vitya :')♥ lovely~

all the motherfuckers :')

Márk (from the C class), Balázs szerelmem, me, Csenge, Edu, Moha, Ancsi & Vitya & Csibi ;D

it was a fun night guyz ;DDDD

okay that censore just needed xD

w/ Gyuri Csibi's boyfriend and w/ Csenge X3

GYURI!! XD okay my face just awkward but this pic was fun xD

after that, i slept at Csenge :3

saturday I met w/ Chibi >///<

it was pretty good, as usual ♥

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  1. you look great! and I love champagne showers :D now its repeating in my head all the time~

  2. Thank you so much~ ♥
    haha i like that song too :D also like LMFAO~ they 're epic :')