2011. szeptember 12., hétfő

☆ boring school days ☆

hey~ ! ♥
since the school get started... i have to write about nothing. shame on me, but I need to learn a lot because this year is my language year.

I'm learning English at 12 hours, and Italian at 4 hours... =___=
I like english, it's good. But I really don't care about Italian. That's not the language I want/need to know. But I hope I will like it... i hope i hope i hope...

I'm also have my dance trainings and this dancer year is harder than the last dancer year. But it will be fine, i know :)

Because I have school I don't have many time, but I'm very hardly trying to do gyaru at all. but mainly it works at weekend 
Friday I met with Chibi after school~ ♥

and Saturday I also met with Chibi, and we go to Battai days~ 
It was fun ♥ I like it, thank you dear ♥
and this week's Friday will be Digital Sushi! can't wait 'till Friday, i wanna party hard now~~~ >o< but I need to wait ._.

anyway I hope you guyz doing right~ !
byebye ♥

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  1. you look great and I hope you'll have a lot of fun! <3

  2. thank you so much! ♥
    I hope so, but I think it will be great~