2011. augusztus 10., szerda

☆ hey! i'm mr. simple!~ ☆

Hey guuuyz~

I'm again have a feeling, to write my blog entry in english~ ! >_<
... so I will. xD

please forgive me the lot of mistakes in my english, but it's not my lead language, i'm learn it 4 years ago ^^; and my teachers also naughty, they don't teach me nothing, and also I don't care about them... but from now I will I promise! X3 

sooo at first, I started watching Ikemen Desu Ne :3

i have never watched the original korean version, You are Beautiful and also don't want but i like the japanese version! Cuteness overload! >3<
and it's also advantage, there are lots of Johnny's Entertainment boys!! *0*

you guyz should know, i love Johnny's Entertainment! >3< my favourite jpop band is NEWS <3

Yaotome Hikaru is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooo cute with his new blonde hair! i love it~
and Tamamori Yuta's new hair is suits him good! but i like better him with blonde hair xD
Fujigaya Taisuke also look ikemen! before that i don't like him, but now he's more likeable! :3

and then yesterday i watched Ashita no Joe ♥ i wanted to watch it long long looong time ago!

it was fan-tas-tic. i will re-watch it sometimes, i think~

Yamapi acted very well, i love him as an actor, as a dancer as a singer as everything! 
Karina was so beautiful, i like her >o<
Yusuke Iseya acted very well too, sometimes i scared of him ;w;

also yesterday i started waching Misaki Number 1 cuz of Karina X3

it'll be like Gokusen.. but it's okay, it's better than nothing =3= hátha tetszeni fog :')

and then i watched today Attack on the PinUp Boys hahahahahahahaha~

 it was sooooooooo good! i laughed a lot, they are really laughable xD

i like most Heechul, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Siwon in the movie xD
and i forget about one ppl... about Leeteuk... and in the end: HE'S THE PANDA! bocsi, lelőttem a poént xD

i'm crying because the laughing oh my god xD 

ha anyu hazaér megnézzük a Harry Potter 7/2-t, bár már alig van dolog amit ne tudnék, mert mindenki elmeséli :'D aztán ott van még a Másnaposok is... majd azt is megnézem valamikor~

bye bye~

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