2011. július 30., szombat

☆ new style ☆

Hello Everyone!

My blog have a new style again cuz i don't like the previous style =_=
It looks crowded, isn't it?

today, i feel i need to write in english... haha my english is poor, sorry about it >3<

so, in the new header u guyz can see Ryo! i think she's so beautiful! 

also sorry about the shitty look, but i'm not a graphic pro, or anything xDDD

i have my operation it hurts a lot ;___;

other theme:

i wanna show some pic for u guyz~

little inspirated by Tsubasa Masuwaka X3

that day, I met with Émi and Csacsi :)

we go to Csacsi's place, and talked a lot~

on Last Week's Sunday I go to NG with Chibi

... and I dranked too much =o= NO MORE TIME. oh my god i felt horrible!
gosh gosh gosh....

and i got cold....... guhhhhhh

monday i have fever too =___=

no moooooooooore. no more.

i'm sick now too, and my wound hurts a lot too, as i said. ;o;

anyway, i'm OK! :3

yesterday I watched MTV World Tour Japan!! 


i'm in love with Namie Amuro and Lady GaGa! ♥

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  1. I'm follow now from Tokyo
    Please follow back me

  2. yeah, of course!
    your blog looks interesting!
    and also thanks the follow :3♥

  3. You look great and I love your blog!
    I'll follow you because I love Hungary... I was there in my childhood!

    Maybe you are interested in my give away?

  4. Thank You very much!
    OMG Really? I'm so glad to hear!! *0*