2012. június 27., szerda

Soós Mercédesz - Felejtsük el performance


I was extra-tired when I last wrote blog entry and take only pictures... But I wanna tell about my performance as back-dancer! :)

So it was last saturday, I invited
Kinga because she was in Thailand for a long time but now she's home at Hungary and she lives near the place where I was performing with our singer. 
Also invited my best-friends Clau and Csenge and they came, I'm so glad! Thank you guys! ♥ I went together w/ Clau & Csenge & Roli my crew mate, so I took some photos of them in the metro ㅋㅋㅋ

he looks handsome with the smile of his isn't he? oké, ez a mondat furán néz ki így, valószínűleg hibás is, de who's care mert engem nem:D

only eye-makeup on

fat me is fat. ignore or hate it, nevermind
then we arrived to Angyalföld, and waited for the team's other half.
when everyone arrived we went on and waited for our part in the main rehearsal.

thanks for Csenge who took some photos of us me while we were dancing 

the main rehearsal went horribly for us, we weren't so great... or good at all.

my hair was in a lazy ponytail before the show since it was a really hot day and my hair would be damaged until the show started. so I don't even done my makeup also. Only my eye-makeup.
after the rehearsal Clau went to walk and talk with Roland kukuku love was in the air while I went to the Duna Plaza w/ Kinga & Csenge ♥ we talked a lot, Kinga ate in KFC and buy drink for András my trainer. Then we went back to the JAMK did my makeup & hair and the show time started!

I wasn't nervous at all, I'm so thankful for that. We did a successful performance w/ Merci the singer and she praised only me for that my dance skills improved a lot and I'm more feminine and sexy than last year. Thank you for her so much it means a lot for me 
There is no video yet but I'll show it when it will be available.

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  1. Actually there is a video but it sucks so badly. fuck the lighting...

    1. there will be an official video from the DVD so it's okay babe, but thank you <3