2012. június 9., szombat

Hi there~~ ☆

I'll go to a dance competition soon, even I'm so exhausted.

I can't sleep very well for 2 weeks now. And I can't eat also.

my look nowadays is like this yep I changed the color and the shape of my eyebrows

Next week thursday I'm going to go to the nail arist, to make my nails! ☆ I can't wait.

Since I go to a dance competition, wish me luck, and let me show my make up I have done :)

I'm in my way to find my make up style, but it's quite hard for me. My eye shape is just... WEIRD. LOL

4 megjegyzés:

  1. You look great :3
    your eyeshape isn't weird at all, you have nice cat eyes imo!

  2. Agreed, you're eye shape isn't weird, silly! I like your eyebrows, I'd never be able to draw them that well -.-
    Thanks for sharing the MV, hehe, I like the song!!

    1. thank you ♥ it's not that hard to draw them, because the inner half of my eyebrows are the real, the outside is the only drawn part :3
      you are welcome, i like it too! :D