2012. május 18., péntek

☆ Geo Bambi / Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown review ☆


My new lenses arrived today!~ ☆ 

That's my first review kekeke

Geo Bambi / Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown.

Comfort: 10/9.5

It was really comfortable for the first try, I hope they will be this much comfortable in long hours too. but my Geo lenses before this one were.

Color: 10/10

My natural eye color is blue. I was afraid that the lenses not might be that pretty brown like in brown eyes, but hell no! They are so freaking beautiful brown in my eyes tho!

Enlargement: 10/10

The enlargement is perfect for me, because basically I have little eyes. This one doesn't make me look like an UFO not too big and not too little. Perfect.

Style: 10/10

I love the style of this lenses! I'm in love with it actually... hahaha

To be serious, these one lenses are my dream lenses, so maybe I'm a little bit biased. okay I'm not just biased, I'm in love with those series.

How it looks on me:

Sorry for my pyajamas t-shirt, it's already evening now. :)

Btw, you can see, my eyes are REALLY brown! That's why I gave 10/10 for the color.

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