2012. május 8., kedd

☆ ECDS Dance Competition - Won Second Place! ☆


Sunday I was in a Dance Competition hosted by Erica C. Dance School ☆

☆ We won second place in our category!! ☆

Shame on me, I was so lazy to put my lenses on and try to make a gyaru make up, so I wasn't gyaru so much.. TT

actually I don't like to compete with this crew. Too much people is too much, and I don't need to say, not everyone is at the same level in dance... I think we need more crews with people in the same levels even those crews wouldn't have too many member in... but it's just my opinion.

Our clothes was sponsored by Wonderland Shop again, thank you for them 

but I actually looked like a hippi cow in her pajamas... LOL because my clothes were too big for me ;w;

next time I wish clothes are in my size... and more feminine ones..

It's funny how my whiteish blonde is glowing... hahaha

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