2012. április 20., péntek

☆ Music Video Shooting ☆

Hi! ☆

Yesterday I had a Music Video Shooting! woohoo~ ☆

the song's title is Crazy Love, the artist is California Ave feat. Nita

because I'm a dancer, I needed to dance in the video with my team :3

I woke up 7:00pm, first I met w/ Krisztián, Cynthi, Zsolti and Roland. then we started our day, we went to Wonderland Shop there we met with the others Balázs, Petra, András and Ananász my dance company's leader came too!

We selected our clothes for the Music Video sponsored clothes haha after that we went to the Broadway Fitness, to get our make up and hair done.

Our hairdresser was Marci from a hungarian reality show: Összeesküvők! HE'S SO FUNNY

the make up artist was professional or supposed to be but even she used things only from MAC I didn't liked my make up. It wasn't made my little eyes bigger, just balanced my little eyes, and the base was way darker than my real skin and didn't covered very well.and disappeared quickly but I liked my hair a lot, thankies Marci! 

After that we went to a cafe to shoot the other scenes with the main caracters when they done everything there we went to the Margitsziget!

Kitti, Gábor and Balázs :D

w/ Csonti and Cynthi

w/ my dance teacher, András

SleepWalkers - Fabolous Dance Crew! ☆

It was already late, and dark so we can't shoot the dance part where we wanted, so needed to choose an other place... and found!

It was cold there TT but I take it good

and finally the shooting got started! 

Camera start!

dressing back LOL

around midnight we've done and could come home

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