2012. január 29., vasárnap

☆ SleepWalkers worldwide hip hop dance competition ☆

Hi everyone!

☆ Yesterday we won first place at the SleepWalkers yeah, our dance company did the competition...xDDD worldwide hip hop dance competition at our category

We went like, oh it's just a competition who's care, it's not important, we don't need to win or anything just go because it's a competition hosted by our dance company.

But it's turned better! We won the first place 

I'm so happy and proud of my mixed group yeah, still with the dowtown team... =_= and my dance trainer, who done the dance ! ♥ Thank you 

Yesterday I tried to do Cocona/Serina's make up, I don't look like her, so it's look different on me of course.

I put my hair into a bun, cause my extensions are always got in the way in my coat :'o Sleepwalkers T-Shirt of course:D 

We went to Békásmegyer, there was the competition.

I met new people there, funny guys from Rico's team :DDD I knew some people from his team, because two member from his team is in the special team where I am also, this group is only 10 member, and only for a really important and Hungary's biggest dance competition, Street Dance Battle. I'll miss them when it's over so hard... T___T Józsi and Kicsi Néger kicsi néger, aki 13 éves, és rohadt nagy forma, egyébként Andris XD We're not bored... xDDD

yesterday was a really big fun.

hahaha Rico :DD

András my trainer and Sanyi from Rico's team ... LOL

watching the other performances w/ Cynthia

and a winner picture! 

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