2011. december 4., vasárnap

☆ Vojvodina Open 2011 - Serbia, Kanjiza ☆


as I wrote yesterday night, WE WON!
at first here's the video from our coreography:

I do my Jay Park solo as usual :3 naa~ how you like it?

I needed to woke up at 5:00PM it was so early =w="

I done my make up, and go to the Csise Fitness's parking to met with my team mates and with the downtown team, and go to Serbia with a bus!

It was so foggy at 6:15 I left home this time and so dark! I felt I was in a horror movie, and the time is about midnight but no... it was around 6:15 *sigh* and my earphones brokes too T___T

I miss the bus to the Csise, so I needed to wait 10 minutes to the next bus ... :c shit. the bus went in front of my nose actually so I was a little bit nervous I arrived to the Csise Fitness's parking and met with Cinti, Roland and Évi & her boyfriend Karesz :D We waited a little bit then András my dance trainer and Kitti his girlfriend, also a dance trainer and dancer came after them the bus came too with the downtown members in.

We took some early photos with Cinti :D

 bus residents xDDD

I slept a little in the bus... I was really sleepy >___<

our way was quite long... We traveled about 2-3 hours to the Hungarian-Serbian border. ^^;

Karesz while he wrote our names and ID card numbers to a paper and Cinti's hair xD

I took a lot of photos of the border, hahaha it was my first time to go abroad so I was excited~ I have pee at the border for 1 euro!! XDDDDDDD srsly xDDD I really wanted to tell this :D we wait a half hour at the border.

We traveled another half hours to Magyarkanizsa/Kanjiza.

The preparation get's started!

Nothing happened this time... We just waited long for our time >___<

When we end with the make up-s and hairs we took some group pictures!

    me, Barbi, Cinti, Enci :3

SLEEPWALKERS - Fabolous Dance Crew!

And our time came... We danced out our everything. WE DID IT! 


We went to win, and we won!

I'm really proud of us

We recieved a cup and diplomas with our names!


another view: 

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  1. ááá *__* bárcsak ott lehettem volna első sorban >_>' nagyon ügyesek vagytok *__* gratu még egyszer *__* ♥

    btw milyen szexi szólód van : o

  2. Hohóóóó jól toltátok bögyösöm o3o. Rohadt jól rázod O^O Gratula még egyszer *--* nyöáááá

  3. Niki: ó bárcsak ott lehettél volna az első sorba ;w; köszönjük szépen mindenki nevében *______* ♥

    btw. köszöni a szexi szólóm >:3 ♥

    Viccu: köszönjük x3♥ hát próbálkozom >3< köszönjük *-*♥

  4. Looks so cool and fun! Makes me want to dance now too~

  5. That wasn't that much fun as I wanted (maybe because the downtown team, we not really get on well with them cause they are so unfriendly with us... ._.') but it was fun a lot :D