2011. december 31., szombat

☆ Sleepwalkers performance at RetroPolis Club ☆

Hello~ !

Last week I had a performance in a club, called RetroPolis. with only my team hahaha no downtown team:D Our performance was quite good our Company Leader praised us soooo much! Thank you for him

and a much bigger thank you for my dance trainer, who did this with us, and made us a better dancer but also a better person ♥ köszi András :')

that was my look:
my new glasses what I got from Csenge ♥ because she already remembered that my older glasses are broke away .-. thank you babe

Photographers took some pictures from us, the groups :) and my hair is still brown ;__; and I can tell, I'm really fat now. Christmas sucks ;__;


performance time~

and the performance:

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