2011. december 10., szombat

☆ met with Natsu pt. 1 ☆

Hi guys~ !

How have you been? ☆ 

I'm doing good~ I have a little cold but it's okay, I'm strong, some cold like this can't fucking with me :DDDD
So today I met with Natsu, I met with her first time >3< She's so kind and we have a lot of same things :D I mean in mentality so...

That's my make up for today:

I tried a darker make up, I quite like it!

and this how I looks today: in pajamas... kekeke :')

I met with her in Örs Vezér tér, and she's delayed ONE HOUR XDDD but I waited her, cause she called me about. Today is Winter Anime Con at Hungexpo. I go to Hungexpo so often recently xDDD then she finally arrived!~ We went to the Árkád to buy some food. Then, go to the Hungexpo!~

We met with lot of friends and we knew so many peoples of the others friends..xD we are quite popular persons xDDD lolwhut it's sounded so egoist... we took a lot of pictures, but with her phone >___< so I'll post them later :)

 あげぽよ~ ! ♥

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