2011. december 20., kedd

☆ busy busy busy ☆

Hi people~

How are u?
I'm quite busy ;;

I had my birthday yesterday yay~
Csenge baked me a birthday cake <3 Thank you here too sweetie <333

I'm not celebrated my birthday yet, just with my parents cause I'm pretty busy and tired so much =_= and sick AGAIN. ahahaahhhh...

Last Friday I met with Natsu Last Saturday was my off day, and Last Sunday I went to dance discussion to my performance in Retro Polis at 22th of December. I don't want to gooooo It'll be so laaate TT then I went to a dance practice with a special group, it was made about the best dancers from our dance company, I'm happy for I can be in this group too :D We're together for a really important competition, called Street Dance Battle. :)

Today I met with Nami and Lilla, and went to Lilla's concert, she's a cellist :)
I'm soooo tired today ;; tomorrow is the last day at school, and the last dance training before the Retro Polis performance ;; uffff I really don't want to go .__.' but I need to... so I can't choose =_=

To tell the truth, the dance takes too much time of my life in this year. It's quite good, but really tiring and much too.___.'

Anyway have a good week, and Merry Christmas for all my followers and readers! <3

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