2011. október 22., szombat

☆ Sleepwalkers on the BNV ☆


Yesterday I met with Chibi :3

(ready to go~)

We went to a chinese restaurant, and talked a lot~

Then... we went to a park in the Móricz Zsigmond körtér, it was a little bit cold, but good also~ We saw so many ducks they are so cute~~~ we talked a lot here too, and laughed so hard xD

After that we went to a McCafé, and ordered 'sweet harmony' as usual, it was awesome <3

when i came home, and before i started listen my music, i heard a boy talked in italian with a girl... it was awkward and i don't know anything what they talked about xDDD but it's okay, i'm learning italian just 2 months ago~

Today I has a double dance performance~ 

in BNV! :) it's a big event, there are lots of people~

my dance crew t-shirt :D

Bubu came too se us, I'm soooo happy to see her again <3 I miss her a lot. ;O; 

so we danced two time, hmmmmmmm... it was not good as i wanted... but it's okay.

here are the videos of us (yeah, i do the solo to Jay Park's - Level 1000 like a boss xD)

just my crew:

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  1. juuj én is 2 hónapja tanulok olaszt (:

  2. You look so cute~
    And the cookies and the coffee looks so yummy...
    Gotta go to McCafé soon,too :D


  3. @mia: és hogy megy? :3 a mi csoportunk megkapta a suli legszarabb olasz tanárát, mert csak 4 órába tanulunk olaszt és 12-be angolt. :ccc

    @Mika: thank you ^o^ They ARE so yummy~~~ ! i love them~